Slip & Fall

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Premises Liability

Property owners have a legal obligation to keep their patrons or visitors safe within their properties. If a person gets injured on the premises due to a hazardous and unsafe environment, a premises liability incident occurs. Whether it happened in a mall, a café, a recreation center, or even in your neighbor’s house, if a hazard within someone’s property hurt you, you may file a premises liability claim and be legible for a financial compensation. Of course, doing so is not as easy as it sounds. Though it will be difficult to prove that the injury did stem from the property owner’s negligence to adhere to safety precautions, Liftoff Law Hempstead Car Accident Lawyers will do their best to help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Getting Proper Property Hazard Compensation

Just like other personal injury claims, you should be compensated for all the loses you experienced, be it financial or non-tangible. Premises liability cases can be quite complicated especially on the part where the negligence of the owner should be proven. In some cases, like Slip & Fall, the owner might claim that it’s your fault not being observant of your surroundings. However, Liftoff Law Hempstead Car Accident Lawyers will collect all the needed evidence to prove your claim and will do their best to defend your case once the day of settlement comes.

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What is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is a legal concept that’s hinged on the fact that property owners should, at all times, keep their buildings or establishments safe from all dangers and hazards. Failing to adhere to proper safety laws and wilfully neglecting to address potential property vulnerabilities make owners responsible for the injuries incurred by their tenants and visitors. Meaning, they are responsible for paying the medical bills for the injury and other expenses related to the incident.

Premises liability incidents are vast and wide since you never know what can happen in an unsafe environment, however below are some of the most common ones.

Slippery Caution

Slip & Fall

Slip & Fall are troublesome incidents that can happen to almost anyone at any place at any time. In fact, falls are so commonplace that they account for 23% or 8 million of emergency hospital visits. Though this type of accident can take on any form from slipping on a stairwell due to improper lighting to loose mats and objects on high-traffic areas, the most common would be slipping on a wet floor without proper signage.


Fires and Explosions

Getting involved in a fire and explosion incident is scary and seriously harming. If the cause if the incident is the owner’s failure to comply to fire safety code, they will be held responsible for compensating the damages and medical expenses involved.

Toxic Tank

Toxic Exposure

Many workers are sometimes unaware of the dangers they are facing when exposed to asbestos and harmful substance. If you acquired an ailment due to toxic exposure and the owner failed to tell you the risks, you can file a complaint and get compensation.

Angry Bulldog

Animal Attacks

If you’re invited within a property and the owner failed to cage his/her pet and it resulted to a vicious attack, you have the right to fail a complaint against the owner. Dog attacks can be pretty traumatizing especially for those who have a phobia of dogs.


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