Wrongful Death

Losing a family member or a loved one is hard. Life is precious and having one of your beloved people lose their lives in an untimely manner because of a drunk driver or medical malpractice or because of someone else’s mishap can be very devastating both emotionally and financially (no matter how crass it sounds). Holding the person accountable and seeking justice for what happened is never easy but Liftoff Law Hempstead Car Accident Lawyers will help navigate this tough time by dealing with the complicated US legal system.

Malpractice Death Note

Medical Malpractice

We will thoroughly investigate what happened, collect the necessary evidence, and handle all the negotiations and legal procedures while giving your comprehensive update on the case. Liftoff Law Hempstead Car Accident Lawyers will put all our repertoire of skills to use in order to bring swift and successful resolution to your wrongful death claim.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

When filing a wrongful death claim, you should be aware that every state has their own laws regarding wrongful death. In New York, a “personal representative” of the deceased individual’s estate, is needed to file the claim. Or simply, a personal representative is someone who’s put in charge of an individual’s financial affairs – either a trusted friend or a legal representative. Contrary to many states, a family member is rarely allowed to file the claim themselves unless they are appointed as the personal representative. Filing for a wrongful death claim should be done within two years of the deceased person’s death.

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Medical Malpractice

Our healthcare system is trusted to provide us with proper treatment and services that improve our overall health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, instances where the opposite occurs happen more often than we’d like. If you find yourself harmed in one way or another due to your physician’s negligence and failure to act, you are entitled to a financial compensation.

Qualification of Medical Malpractice

Generally, any injury or illness caused by a medical practitioner can qualify as a medical malpractice like harm done due to negligence or due to intentional action. It should be noted though, that doctors and other medical practitioners are not Gods, there are times when someone still dies despite their best efforts to prevent that from happening. Medical malpractice is hinged on negligence and intent to harm. If no such intent is present, then it does not qualify as a medical malpractice. Some situations that qualify as medical malpractice are listed below.

  • Misdiagnosis which resulted in the prescription of wrong treatment

  • Surgical and medication errors

  • Failure to treat a condition that should have been treated earlier

  • Birth defects and injuries caused by wrongly prescribed drugs

Damages Factored in Wrongful Death and Medical Malpractice

Though money will never bring back our dead loved ones or cure permanent disfigurement, getting your claims properly compensated can help ease the financial burdens that resulted from these unfortunate circumstances. Liftoff Law Hempstead Car Accident Lawyers considers not only financial factors in assigning a value to your claims but also non-economic ones like emotional distress.

  • Medical expenses for future treatments, surgery, medication, and those incurred prior a loved one’s passing

  • Funeral and burial expenses

  • Emotional, Mental, and physical distress

  • Loss of income for the deceased or for those with lost mobility

  • Transportation and caregiver bills

  • Severe grief and loss of companionship


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